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Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics give you a detailed view of your call activity, customer service level and team productivity.

Here are the indicators you can follow in Aircall's advanced analytics

  • Activity:
    • Number of inbound and outbound calls
    • Total time spent by the team on inbound and outbound calls
  • Customer service:
    • % of missed calls (out of the total inbound calls received)
    • % of voicemails left by callers when they reach voicemail.
    • Average waiting time of callers before they're connected to someone
    • Average treatment time : the time elapsed before a voicemail or missed call is archived by someone in the Aircall app.
    • Note: you can use the filter "opening hours" to analyze these data only when your lines are open.
  • Productivity:
    • Average time of inbound and outbound calls
    • Average number of calls per teammate. This average considers the number of teammates associated to phone lines at the present time

Analytics are calculated with the following hypotheses

  • Calls are logged in the timezone of each number. If you receive a call on October 1st at 5pm on a San Francisco number (UTC-7) and a call at the same moment on a Sydney number (UTC+5), the latter will be logged on October 2nd, because we're on October 2nd in Sydney.
  • Weeks are from Monday to Sunday (European touch here :-)
  • If you choose "by week" in the time period, we round up to full weeks included in the date range you've selected. For instance, if you pick a date range from a Wednesday to the next Wednesday, it will include 2 full weeks.