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Aircall online network test

If you'd like to check if your local network is adapted to the use of Aircall, we have 3 solutions for you.

First, you can run our online network test. This test is a "photo" of your network. Try to run it in standard conditions (e.g. when the whole team is connected and working) and run it 3 times at different moments.

Upon request, we can set you up an advanced network test. This requires you to install a small software on one of your machines (it's a 2 minutes process don't worry) and it will take a "video" of your network, giving more accurate information about your network stability over time. Please reach out to to ask for this test, if you have already performed the 1st test.

Finally, we are partnering with several specialized VoIP providers in several countries. If you require expert and custom advice, we can coordinate their intervention on your site. Please reach out to to launch this process, if the 2 tests above have been performed already.

To run our online "photo" test:

  1. Make sure you are not using Chrome (since version 42, Chrome has disabled the possibility to run the Java plug-in). Try Firefox or Safari instead.
  2. Click on the "Run (Verbose)" button
  3. This pop-up will appear. Click on Run to launch the test.
  4. The test takes about 5 minutes to run until the end. You will see green or red marks appear and you'll probably already get a feel about how good you're doing :)
  5. If you have at least one red mark, hit the "Tag results" button at the bottom of the page and type your email address. Then, Please reach out to our support team to draw conclusions and define the needed steps to fix the issue.