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Are there specific ports to prioritize in order to get the best call quality?

Yes. These settings are most known as QoS (Quality of Service). Keep in mind that even if you've a good bandwidth, the stability of your internet network is important too!

For the best call quality on Aircall, we recommend the following settings on your router:

  • VoIP traffic: high priority on ports 5060, 5061, 5080, 5063 for TCP/UDP and SIP,
  • VoIP traffic: high priority on ports 10000 to 32768 for UDP/TCP and RDP,
  • Aircall App: high priority to or (port 443) depending on the app you are currently using.

If you are on Wifi, feel free to activate WMM. If possible, please also disable SIP / ALG on your router.

If your are not able to configure QoS settings on your router, we strongly recommend you this Asus one (if you're between 5 and 25 in your office). Feel free to get back to us by email at if you need more help on this setup.