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How to configure my Hubspot integration?

Please follow these steps if you want to create tasks on your Hubspot account for every call answered or launched from your Aircall account.

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On Hubspot:

  1. Login to your Hubspot account here:
  2. Get your portal ID on the top right of your Hubspot account

On Aircall:

  1. Login to your Aircall account here:
  2. Go to Company > Integrations > Add an integration;
  3. Select "Hubspot"
  4. In the ID section, enter the portal ID you got from your Hubspot account
  5. If everything is OK, you should be able to click on "Save"
  6. Allow Aircall to access your Hubspot account and... it's done!


To make calls from Hubspot

You can use Sidekick to make calls on Hubspot with your Aircall number. To do so, just go on one of your Hubspot Sales Contacts and:

  1. select the 'Call' menu
  2. press on the settings icon
  3. click on 'Register new number...'


Then, add your Aircall number as below: