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How to configure my Pipedrive integration?

Do not forget you can also configure a Click to Call from Pipedrive by using the tel: protocol!

Please follow this first step in Aircall:

Then make sure you change your Company settings to the one below in Pipedrive: 


Please follow these steps if you want to create also activities on your Pipedrive account for every call answered or launched from your Aircall account.

On Pipedrive:

  1. Login to your Pipedrive account here:
  2. Go to settings page
  3. Click on "API"
  4. Copy your personal API token (characters with green background)

On Aircall:

  1. Login to your Aircall account here:
  2. Go to "Company" > "Integrations" and click on "Add an integration"
  3. Select "Pipedrive"
  4. In the token section, enter the token you got from your Pipedrive account
  5. If everything is OK, you should be able to click on "Add this integration"


To make a call from Pipedrive

You can easily set up a click-to-dial in order to start a call in Aircall when clicking on a number in Pipedrive. 

Please follow these steps:

Make sure you have removed other phone integrations or Chrome extensions, before setting up the Aircall click-to-dial.