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How to import my own contact list?

You can upload your own contacts with a CSV file. This CSV file must be semicolon-separated - and this is really important!


Where can I find a CSV file?

This is a very common file format for contact lists. You can export your contact database in CSV format in every CRM.

I have all my contacts in an Excel file, how do I convert it into a CSV file?

First of, we advise you to convert your Excel file into a Google Sheets document (some versions of Excel are liable to loose data during the export to CSV). A simple copy/paste of the document should do the trick.

Then, you will need to convert this spreadsheet into a CSV file:

  • Open your contact file in Google Sheets
  • Click File, then Download As...
  • Choose the Comma Separated Value (.csv) File Format.


Import the file in the Aircall app

  • Open the Aircall app
  • Go to Settings, then Import Contacts
  • Select Import from .csv file
  • Drag & drop your .csv file
  • Map all contacts fields (note that a contact can have several phone numbers)
  • Choose the default country prefix and decide if you want to share these contacts with your team.
  • Click on the green tick to import your contacts
  • Wait few minutes and your contact list should appear in your app!