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How to integrate Aircall to Salesforce Lightning

Aircall brings call-center features to your Salesforce Lightning experience! To log every interaction had with you prospects and customers and leverage voice channels from within Salesforce Lightning, follow the steps A and B below:

A. If you wish to log every interaction had with your prospects and customers in Salesforce Lightning, follow the steps below:

We provide two types of Salesforce integrations:
  • SF Sales Cloud: creates Tasks associated to your Leads and Contacts
  • SF Service Cloud: creates Cases associated to your Leads and Contacts 
  1. Login to your aircall dashboard
  2. Go to "Company" > "Integrations" > "Add an integration"
  3. Select "Salesforce Sales Cloud" or "Salesforce Service Cloud"
  4. Click on "Add this integration"
  5. Login to your Salesforce account and authorize Aircall to access your account

That's it! You should see your new integration in the list and be able to automatically log every interaction you had with Aircall in your Salesforce Lightning account.

B. If you wish to leverage voice channels from within Salesforce and automate daily taks, follow these steps below:

 1. Import a Call Center to your Salesforce acount
  • Start by logging in to your Salesforce account here.
  • Click on this link to install the Open CTI Lightning Demo Adapter to your Salesforce org
  • Click on "Install for all users" > "Install" > "Done"
2. Edit your Call Center:
  • Go to "Setup home"
  • Search "Call Centers" in the search bar (top-left corner of the screen)
  • Click on "Call Centers"
  • Click on "Edit" next to Demo Call Center Adapter
  • Replace the following fields under
    • General information
      • CTI Adapter URL and CTI Adapter URL2 >
      • Softphone Height > 666
      • Softphone Width > 375
    • Dialing Options > leave all blank
    • Phone Demo Settings > leave all blank
Your Call Certer Detail page should loook like the following:
3. Add your users to the Call Center:
  • On the same page above, click on "Manage Call Center Users"
  • Search for your users by typing their name > Click on "Find"
  • Pick the users who should have access to the Aircall CTI within Salesforce
  • Click "Add to Call Center"
4. Create a Softphone Layout:
  • Go to "Setup home"
  • Search "Softphone" in the search bar
  • Click on "SoftPhone Layouts"
  • Click on "New" > Name it and select the box "Is Default Layout"
  • For "Inbound" Call Type and under "Screen Pop Settings", edit:
    • "Single-matching record" (3rd point below) > select "Pop detail page"
    • "Multiple-matching records" (4th point below) > select "Pop to search page"
Your SoftPhone Layout's Screen Pop Settings should look like the following:

5. Add the "Open CTI Softphone" component to your Utiliy Bar in Lightning:
  • Go to "Setup home"
  • Search "apps" in the search bar
  • Click on "App Manager"
  • Edit the Lightning App you wish to use the Aircall CTI (down arrow in the end of the item's line)
  • Click on "Utility Bar"
  • Next to "Utility Bar Items" > click on "Add" > select "Open CTI Softphone" as the picture below
  • Edit the Label if wanted
  • Click on "Save"
  • Click on "Done"
That's all, congrats!!
Refresh the page and you should be able to see your Aircall CTI inside the Lightning UI, click-to-dial from Salesforce, and pop-up screens for incoming calls!!