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How to setup QoS on an ASUS router?

1) Make sure no one on your network is doing substantial uploads or downloads. The best time is before anyone is at work or after folks have left the office.

2) Go to and perform THREE bandwidth tests.  Make a note of the best results across the tests. In this example we have 85.88Mbps down and 87.65Mbps up.

3) Open your web browser and navigate to (or the web admin URL of your router)
4) When prompted for a username and password enter:   admin / admin (or your custom credentials)

5) Navigate to the Traffic Manager section

6) Turn on QoS and set the upload and download bandwidths to 90% of the results from your test.  In this case we set upload to 87.65 * .9 = 78.88 and download to 85.88 * .9 = 77.3 and click Apply

7) On the User-defined QoS Rules page delete all existing rules.

8) Add the following rules and make sure to apply them when done.

9) Under user-defined priorities we make minor changes to the default settings to mirror this configuration:

10) Click apply and you should be all set!