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IVR numbers

Each of your Aircall number can be activated as an IVR number (Interactive Voice Response). This feature is available on Premium and Entreprise plans.

To do it, open your Aircall dashboard, click on the number of your choice (in the left column) and go to the Call Distribution Section. Here you'll find a switch IVR / Normal. click on IVR as shown below.


The call cascading list is now replaced by dial rules, with a 1st rule : If Caller presses 1, forward call to ...

You can choose the key you want callers to press, and the Aircall number to which calls will be forwarded.

You can of course add more keys with the + button (at the bottom of rules list).

To put it shortly, an IVR number is an over-arching number leading to other Aircall numbers you have.

Once you've done that, you want to add a specific message to explain to callers which keys they can press. Go to Music & Message and edit your IVR message (you'll note this message is compulsory so you can't deactivate it). It's shown here :

And you're set. When callers press a specific key, they will be redirected to one of your other Aircall numbers and the call will cascade other people you'll linked to this number.

If callers do not press a key or press a wrong key, the IVR message will play again. Then, callers will be sent to voicemail (if you've activated the voicemail of your IVR number) or asked to call back later (if you haven't). 

Where do I see voicemails or missed calls of people would called my IVR number without pressing a key?

Missed calls and voicemails left on the IVR number will appear on the activity feed of all the teammates associated to the Aircall numbers that are behind this IVR number.

Can I ask an IVR number to send to another IVR number when pressing a key?

At this moment, you can't. But we'll be adding that shortly.