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Live Feed

The live board is an interface that displays real time metrics on your Aircall activity. It is available if you are on the ENTERPRISE plan. 


Cool! Where can I find it? In the Calls section, by clicking on Activity Feed, then switching the LIVE button.


Nice. How does it work? 

It is composed of two main sections: real time metrics, and real time calls. 

Real time metrics 

  • Service level: it is used to represent the quality of a call center. It basically displays the percentage of inbound calls answered below a certain threshold, chosen by the admin. For ex, if the service level is 30 sec, the exact calculation is : Service Level = (nb of inbound calls answered in less than 30 sec) / (nb of inbound calls answered)
  • Calls waiting: This is the number of inbound calls currently waiting for an answer (not answered yet). 
  • Missed calls last 30 min: pretty self explanatory ;) 
  • Longest waiting time: referring to the customer who's been waiting for an answer the longest and currently still waiting. 
  • Average waiting time last hour: This is the average waiting time of all inbound calls answered from the last hour.
  • Users availability: We display the users attached to a line, and their status: Available (green), In call (Yellow), Not available (Red). 


Real time calls

In this section are displayed all calls in real time.