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How to integrate Aircall to Salesforce Classic

With the Aircall CTI, you can quickly add enterprise-level call-center features to your Salesforce experience. In order to do so, you need to follow the steps A and B below:

A. If you wish to log every interaction had with your prospects and customers in Salesforce Classic, follow the steps below:
We provide two types of Salesforce integrations:
  • SF Sales Cloud: creates Tasks associated to your Leads and Contacts
  • SF Service Cloud: creates Cases associated to your Leads and Contacts 
  1. Login to your aircall dashboard
  2. Go to "Company" > "Integrations" > "Add an integration"
  3. Select "Salesforce Sales Cloud" or "Salesforce Service Cloud"
  4. Click on "Add this integration"
  5. Login to your Salesforce account and authorize Aircall to access your account

That's it! You should see your new integration in the list and be able to automatically log every interaction you had with Aircall in your Salesforce Lightning account.


B. Leverage voice channels to directly from Salesforce Classic

1. Create your Customized Salesforce Console (if not yet created)

  • Login to your Salesforce account here
  • Go to Setup > Setup home
  • Under "Build" > Create > Apps
  • New > Console > Next
  • Name your app, its label, and description (optional) > Next
  • Choose an image for you app (optional) > Next
  • Select the items you wish to display on your console (Contact / Accounts / Leads / Calls) > Next
  • Choose how you wish to display it > Next
  • Tick all boxes under "visible" > Next

* If you cannot see the Console column on step 3 as the picture below, contact your Salesforce account manager and ask him/her to enable the Sales Console for your Salesforce org. 

2. Import the Aircall CTI to your Salesforce account

  • Start by logging in to your Salesforce account here.
  • Click on this link to install the Aircall CTI to your Salesforce org
  • Click on "Install for all users" > "Install" > "Done"

3. Add your users to the Aircall CTI:
  • Go to Setup > search for "Call Center" on the quick find bar
  • Click on "Call Centers" > Select "Aircall CTI for Salesforce"
  • Click on "Manage Call Center Users"
  • Search for your users by typing their name > Click on "Find"
  • Pick the users who should have access to the Aircall CTI within Salesforce
  • Click "Add to Call Center" 
Once you access your newly created your Customized Salesforce Console, you should see your Aircall App you just imported on bottom right of your Salesforce Console.