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How to install a Click-to-Dial? How can I click on a number and start a call in Aircall?

With this feature, Internet phone numbers links will open the Aircall Phone pre-filled with the number, ready to be called! Working on macOS, Windows and Chrome.


You use the Aircall Phone on macOS

If you're using Aircall Phone App on macOS, everything should be handled for you natively. However, if it still does not work on your Mac, please follow those steps:

  1. Open FaceTime
  2. Go to FaceTime Preferences
  3. In the Settings pane, select Aircall Phone in "Default for calls", as shown below:
  4. Close the window and close FaceTime.

Now, all tel: and callto: HTML links will load the associated number into Aircall and bring the App to the front.

If you want to convert all phone numbers in Chrome into clickable links, install this Chrome extension :)


You use the Aircall Phone on Windows

In order to make the Aircall Phone handle phone number links, you need to install our Chrome extension here.

Also, be sure to have at lease the Aircall Phone 1.2.2 version:

 If you don't have it, Check For Updates... or download the new version here!


You use the Aircall Phone on Chrome

You can do it too, but first, you will need to install this Chrome extension here :)

Open your web app, click on the double diamond in the top right corner and select "Allow to handle all tel links", as shown below:

If you can't see the diamond icon, you need to enable external handlers in Chrome. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Chrome settings
  2. scroll down to Advanced settings
  3. Click on the Content Settings button in the first section of advanced settings called Privacy.
  4. In the Content settings window that appears, search for the section Handlers (don't worry, you'll need to do this only once ;-)), as shown below:
  5. The web+aircall protocol must match
  6. Now, the diamond icon should now appear when you reload the tab of your Aircall app.

And you're set! Note that the app will open tel links only if you're using Chrome (a tel: or callto: link on Internet Explorer will not launch the app)