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What headsets do you recommend to use with Aircall?

To get the most of Aircall, we recommend you to use professional headsets, on your computer.

On Mac OS (Apple), we recommend a mini-jack wired headset.

On Windows (Microsoft), we recommend using a USB wired headset

We don't recommend to use earphones or Bluetooth and other wireless headsets because they are more likely to lose the connection and cause call quality issues.

In terms of models, we recommend the Jabra Evolve 40 UC Stereo.
It comes with both USB and mini-jack adapters so it's suited for both Mac OS and Windows.

On Mac OS devices, the mini-jack headset will be automatically detected whenever you plug it.

On Windows, you have to plug the headset before launching the app or Chrome to make sure it will be properly recognized.

If you realize that the system has lost the connection with the headset, the best solution is to check that the headset is properly recognized go on the settings of your app >> Calling Preferences >> Select audio devices menu directly from your Aircall app.